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Company Strategy

The results reported by the company reflect the continued transformation of La Bash Global Limited from that of get it fresh beverages fruit juice on-line turning to cocktail at party’s and running a bar turns to eatry inconjuction with fruit juice and cocktail.

La Bash dependency to building a globally competitive business that can drive and forester sustained brand growth and development and consequently improved earning overtime.

The La Bash Global Limited today is a different unique business from that of just a few years ago with strong portions of brands, capable of competing with the best in world, where we intend to capture more than our far share of opportunities.

As communicated in our reports, we embarked upon a global mission starting in 2002, with the objective of reactivating and expanding the reach of agriculture brand internationally. Our vision is to build a global drinks company, represented by strong brands being marked in every country around the globe.

To enliven the beverages industry with innovation as to make dependence on imported beverages is unluctractive, but rather being innovative. Knowing that it is meant for human consumption and enjoyment but can also be used as a catalyst to Nigeria Industrial and economic growth maximal use of resources, employment creation and poverty eradication.

Our strategy of global expansion and brand-building is the surest and only viable way of driving our company (Nigeria) value to new height. We are resolve that our continued investment in our brands secures their long-term development our business is now about brands, building a portfolio of premium brands in major global marketing in cocktail and beverages fruit juice and creating sustainable values in brands.

We believe that we strong international brands of cocktail such as we are spending substantially more than over before on our core brands to build image and long term, substantially in our international cocktail market. We are keenly aware about the international brand. Building is a very expensive process and while profitability will be compromised in the medium-term, we are very confident that our brand will continue to find major global acceptance, which would translate into sustainable earnings in the medium to long-term.

The transition from cocktail drinks, which we have been dependent on for along time to building a robust branded business “La Bash” has been somewhat slower than expected at the initiate year as we continued to expand and invest in a cautions and sensible manner, while we continue to be extremely dependent on the cocktail side of business which provided us with great cushion for many years followed by major machine capacity expansion during the 2006, we regrettably suffered another year of major decline in cocktail and beverages sales as our major decline in cocktail and beverages sales as our major trading partner, including those who does not have foreknowledge about the cocktail, those who see the market access without paying, the applicable residual rates.

We have the largest most tools, machineries and technologically advanced and efficient squeezing and extracting machineries in Nigeria and we are confident that our high level of product quality and cost competitiveness along with focused marketing effort will anger well for us sustaining on-line fruit juice eatery and cocktail business in Nigeria near-to-full plant productivity level in 2007 and beyond. Given our strength and relative competitive disadvantage that we have within alcoholic and non alcoholic on cocktail drinks, fresh fruit and eatery

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