Wednesday May 25




1 Always acknowledge customers at the bar.
Can take more than one order at a time.
Pours the pint of Guinness first when dispending a large order.
Puts your change in your hand and not on the bar counter.
Offer to carry the drinks to the table for your when necessary.
Can explain the difference between different quarter bottle of wine.
Takes pride in their uniform.
Prepare sufficient lemon slices in the morning.
Does not raise their eyes to heaven when asked for an Irish coffee.
Known how to changer astringe (outside these days) without ash flying every where.
Does not put their finger into glasses when clearing tables.
Knows what is going on in their area when asked by the customers.
Known a number for local taxis.
Takes orders from customers in rotations, without leaving anyone waiting longer than others.
Asks if the customers will like ice in their mineral water.
Asks if ice and/ or lemon are required in Vodka / Gin / Bacardi.
Known how to clean the draught lines (Even though he doesn’t have any more).
Understand the important of discretion.
Present the pint glass with logo facing you rim when serving.
Hold glasses a couple of inches below the rim when serving.
Thanks customers for their business when they are leaving.
Ask the customer if they would like another drink when the glass is almost empty.


Talk to customers at length while other are left waiting.
Never washes their hands despite handling glasses by the vim.
Arrives late and leaves early.
Is always wondering when they can get their “staff drinks”.
Doesn’t record or care about waste.
Takes order from the pretty girls first.
Dispenses free drinks to the pretty girls “on the house”.
Add ice and lemon to drinks as standard.
Lets the tap rum for second or two before placing the glass underneath.
Adjust the glass setting of each tap before powering a pint.
Scratches their head and their face during services.
Doesn’t wear full uniform.
Encourage friends to drink in the bar when he was on duty.
Leave the cash drawer open in the cash register.
Never gives receipt.
Hate the thought of serving food.
Doesn’t know what cutlery condiments are need for each dish drink served.

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