Friday May 27

About Labash

LA BASH Global Limited is a beverage producing company, located at 26b, Lewis street Lagos, Nigeria.

At LA BASH we are dedicated mainly to filling your glasses with taste, excitement and glamour. We are at your disposal for all types of functions, parties, ceremonies, meetings and gatherings of all kinds. We serve all brands and types of new and old taste drinks ranging from Non Alcoholic to Alcoholic natural brews-

i.e. Chapman Plane, Calaber Toast, Chantago, Fleur, Ginger drink, Lemonade, Mango Cooler, Pina Colada, Slaber, Americano, Black Russian, Bloody Mary, Chapman Special, Count Me Out, Gin Fizz, Martini Cocktail, Punche, Slick, etc.

An assurance of satisfactory service is what we guarantee our clients or customers at anytime of day or night at functions or ceremonies of all kinds either in residences, office locations with delivery of orders.


Like every organization with a vision, we also want to grow. Therefore we make ourselves available to potential investors in our business. But as a management rule, we always request for intimate details of investors.

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