Saturday May 28

History of Tequila


Tequila date back about two thousand years when Indian tribes in central Mexico discovered that, if the juice of the plant was exposed to air would ferment and produce a thick, slightly alcoholic drink. The Aztecs called the fermented gave juiced “octillion polyphonic”. The Spanish later called it “plaque”.

Due to its relatively low alcohol and unsophisticated flavor, plaque wasn’t very popular among the Spanish conquistadors in the early 16th century. Early attempts to distill the plaque failed resulting only in harsh and bitter liquor. However, they eventually discovered that heating the pulp would result in a sweet juice that they called “mescal win”. In the mid-1600 the Mexican village of Tequila began shipping out its local brand of mescal, which was made from the blue, gave and had a better taste than other forms of mescal. The roots modern-day tequila can be traced back to this village.

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